Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Blockbuster Online Membership

I recently discontinued my Blockbuster Online membership. I thought it was a good idea when I got it. After all, I could get an unlimited number of videos each month (a few at a time) for a reasonable fee. What I realized however, is that I ended up paying lot more and not using my subscription at all. I am not suggesting you should do the same, but if you are anything like me, than it is probably pointless. Here are the ten reasons you should not buy a Blockbuster Online Membership.

10. The automated online customer service is pointless. I recently sent an email requesting cancellation help, as I did not remember my sign in information and got a random response about resetting my password. Two days later, I got an email asking if they had answered my question. It would have been easier for all involved if I could just call. The contact phone number, however, it not readily available

9. Should you want to watch a particular move, right away, you still have to go the local blockbuster store. The discount coupons are nice, but if you are going to have an online membership why do you have to schlep out to the store?

8. I end up keeping most of the movies anyway. It just makes sense for me to purchase my movies and trade in the ones we decide not to keep. By renting them and then deciding to keep them, I end up paying full retail for the videos. I prefer to purchase from the Blockbuster store sale bin and trade in movies I do not like. I normally do not pay full retail for anything.

7. If I do not return the videos I got from the store in time, I end up “buying them”. This defeats the purpose of having the online membership where I can return videos at my leisure. Free and half-priced rentals always seem to turn into full price purchases.

6. There are a limited number of videos I can have at one time. The more videos I want at once, the more I have to pay. Because my family likes to view videos repeatedly, I end up without new videos. My only option is to pay more to get more movies at one time. This can get very expensive.

5. The history movies, which I am most interested in for homeschooling purposes, are hardly history movies at all. Instead, they consist mostly of the history of show business. I was thinking more about the history of the world.

4. The categories do not necessarily make sense. For example, one of the categories is called blackspoitation. What exactly is blacksploitaiton, and if “I’m Gonna get you Sucka” fits into that category, why does “Soul Food”, and “Stella Got her Groove back” also in that category?

3. Additional category issues include not distinguishing war fiction from non-fiction. Eventually, you just give up searching and get nothing. In addition, in movie names need to be in alphabetical order within each category.

2. They make it very hard to end the membership. Like EBay, you have search for the link with unsubscribe information. My guess is that if you cannot find it, you may give up planning to try again later. They can get an extra months fee, or two with this technique.

1. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a movie from amongst your own personal library, and get it into the mailbox? If you have trouble returning library books, like me, you will also have trouble remembering to put the movie in your mailbox. I believe blockbuster counts on this. The longer you take to return a movie, the fewer movies they have to send you for your membership fees.

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