Does Having Pets in the Workplace Lead to a More Creative Environment?

I, like many people, consider myself a true animal lover. Those of us who do love animals and have pets near and dear to us already know how having them in our homes enriches our lives in so many ways, and according to a recent survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association, millions of Americans believe they can enrich our lives at work too.

Here are the statistics uncovered in this interesting poll, as compiled by Cat Fancy Magazine:

*Nearly 1 in 5 US companies allow pets in the workplace.
*55 million Americans feel that having their pets in the workplace leads to a more creative environment.
*53 million feel that having pets in the workplace decreases absenteeism.
*50 million feel that having pets in the workplace helps co-workers get along better.
*38 million feel that pets in the workplace creates greater productivity.
*32 million feel that pets in the workplace decreases smoking.
*37 million feel that having pets in the workplace helps improve the relationship between managers and their employees. *And, 46 million people who bring their pets to work place longer work hours!

Most of these people also believed that having their pets with them at work reduces stress, as well as offering other benefits like creating an overall happy working environment. I wouldn’t know what this is like because I have never worked anywhere that pets were allowed. It would depend, of course upon what type of work you are in. It’s one thing to bring your pet to the office, if the policy allowed this; But I can’t see this happening if your were a restaurant manager. So, I would have to say if you are one of the lucky few who can bring your pet to work, that is great.

I thought the results of this poll were interesting, though, not surprising. You hear all the time about the clinically-proven scientific studies of how having a pet, or simply stroking your pet can reduce blood pressure, and even help you to live longer. I know some skeptics who don’t believe this, but it is like anything else- we all believe what we want to believe.

I just feel that stress relievers do help us to live more productive, happy, and fulfilling lives, and my pets have certainly helped in this accomplishment, and I cannot imagine my life without them. My only suggestion to those who aren’t fond of pets is-find a hobby or outlet that best helps you de-stress your life and relax. We all need an outlet of some kind, and for many of us, pets are just the ticket. Not just at home, but for millions, at work as well!

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