How to Become a Human Rights Lawyer

Law is considered as one of the toughest career choice around the world. Becoming a lawyer requires long years of schooling and a lot of dedication and determination, but it is very rewarding field in the long run. There are many domains to choose from for a lawyer, and human rights law is a popular choice among the lawyers these days.


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    If you want to choose law as a profession, you should do it early in your academic career. So that you can develop the traits and qualities required for a lawyer at a young age. First of all, work extremely hard during your high school. You should not be aiming for average grades, you need to strive for top notch grades as they will help you get admission in an elite university. Secondly the working hard habit should be developed at a young age as it will help you later in the long hour study sessions that are required during the law program. Concentrate on oratory skills; participate in debates and speech competitions in right from the school level. Do not miss a mock trial as it will help you gauge your public speaking skills at an early stage.

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    Get admitted to a 4-year graduate program in a reputable university. Though the program itself does not play any part in the admission criteria in a law school but it is recommended to get subjects related to human rights law as it will help you get acquainted with the basics of human rights. Work hard during the university and maintain a minimum GPA of three, as 3.0 is the minimum requirement of almost every law school. Try to push the GPA mark as high as you can as it will help you in getting admission in a decent law school.

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    Prepare hard for LSAT( law school admission test) and try to achieve a high score on it. Keep repeating LSAT till you get a decent enough score. Now Apply for a law school on the basis of LSAT results and CGPA of the under graduate degree. You don't need to apply to each and every law school there is, just apply for the ones which are affordable and convenient for you. After getting admission keep studying hard and do not waste much time on jobs. Most of the law schools do not allow students to get a job in their first year. However it is recommended to get some professional experience in a law firm in second or third year as an intern.
    You will earn your certification as a lawyer after passing the bar exam. Apply for law firms dealing with human rights law to get a job.

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