Y&P Airsoft Gun Review

OK im going to review the USP MK23 SOCOM airsoft gun.

Firstly, it is made by Y&P, never had any product from them before but decided to purchase this one because of the good things I heard about it on the internet. I got it from www.shortyusa.com, its worth $60 dollars which is really cheap for a gas gun, specially for this one!

The magazine that comes with it is made of good, durable metal and holds about 24 BBs and places them in a “zigzag” way so it’ll hold more BBs than our traditional straight up line magazines. I wouldn’t recommend filling up the magazine completely as it not only damages the spring slowly but it also makes the magazine mis-feed the BBs. The gas is stored on the magazine, it uses Green gas which can be bought for about $12 a can and only from airsoft stores, so you can do as I did and get yourself one of those airsoft propane adapters on ebay for about $20 and use propane cans which can be found on any hardware stores. (make sure you lube your gun with silicone every now and then though!). If you’re done using your gun and do not wish to store gas on the magazine, there’s a small button in the back of it which will release any stored gas. Be careful though, the gas will be pumped out from a hole on the top of the magazine, behind the BBs feeder. One bad thing about the magazine is that you cannot use any loader with it, that means you’ll have to load each BB one by one which can take some time to do.

The gun itself is made of mostly plastic with some metal parts such as the barrel, trigger and magazine release button. It has two safety switches which can both be activated at the same time only when you have cocked the gun (pulled the hammer or the trigger halfway back). I never held any kind of USP MK23 pistol before and as soon as I got this one I thought “are these really this big?” but I found out its a normal thing and not a particular model issue. USPs are big in my opinion, but keep in mind thats coming from a person who’s really used to walther PPKs and such.

The gun also includes a mock silencer/suppressor which makes the gun look even bigger but cooler. The silencer is made mostly of plastic, its not threaded, (the barrel is) and it is the part of the gun that looks and feels of least quality. Now, I’ve heard many many things about the silencer being either really bad or really good. In my opinion, the silencer is a pretty good addition, it adds more realism since its a must for socom USPs but I’ve found that it increases (hardly noticeable) the overall gun’s FPS and decreases the accuracy (quite noticeable). So if you’re just gonna mess around with the gun, you should use the the included silencer. Otherwise (skirmishes, serious stuff) I don’t recommend.

Now the power this thing has is incredible. It does shoots hard (320fps) combined with good accuracy means you can take it to your skirmish game and rely on it as a sidearm. On its price range, nothing can beat it. Overall, this is a great gun to have so if you’re thinking on buying it just go ahead and do it.

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