Yankee Candle SoHo Living Aquamarine 14.5-oz. Jar Candle: Review

I buy candles often, and I like to try new things. When I saw that Yankee Candle had come up with a new design and name for a line of their candles I was intrigued. The line was called Yankee Candle SoHo Living, and the line included a bunch of different scents that I had not seen before.

I of course was excited because I knew Yankee Candle. They are one of my favorite lines of candles. Their candles burn long, and they pack a powerful kick, and never fail when it comes to winning me (my senses) over.

I went through the line of candles on the shelf at my local Kohl’s, after sniffing candle after candle I have to say; I was not too impressed. A lot of the scents in the line had this odd waxy scent to them that I didn’t like.

Then…I came across Aquamarine. I first fell in love with the name, because a few days earlier I had actually seen Aquamarine on DVD.

The color of the candle was obviously a gorgeous aquamarine color. The jar itself was something new and different as well. Instead of the usual Yankee shaped candles us Yankee Candle fans all know, the new SoHo Living candles came in cylinder shaped glass jars, with pretty mirror like metallic metal lids. I liked the overall new clean modern look of the glass jars.

Aquamarine comes with a large sticker label on the jar. The sticker has the name SoHo written boldly, and if you don’t look close, you honestly do not even realize that this candle is made by Yankee Candle. The label has a picture of a sea shell to the right of the writing.

The Scent:

This was what won me over. I lifted the lid off of the jar, and was greeted by a gorgeous beachy scent. It was not coconut or anything like that at all. Aquamarine smelled like an ocean breeze. It has a fresh salty kick to it, and actually reminded me of the ocean. If a candle can get me to imagine a certain place, then it’s a damn fine one in my opinion.

My Use:

I lit up lovely sea breeze of a candle and let it do its magic. It took quite a while for the scent to begin to travel through the room. Sadly the overall scent was weak, and had that waxy scent that I recalled smelling in the other candles in the line. This waxy scent sort of screwed with the sea breeze scent in the candle…overall when mixed it gave off a smell that truly made my stomach feel queasy.

I’m never really sensitive to bad smells, but for some reason this particular candle made me actually feel sick. Go figure.

I blew it out, and gave it to my cousin. She claimed the candle made her feel hungry!? I thought that was funny, but I knew what she meant. When the scent is in the air mixed with the odd waxy smell it actually makes your stomach feel hollow. It’s hard to explain, but there you have it.

You should not burn if you’re on a diet. Hehe. Sounds stupid, I know. But it’s exactly how I feel about this candle. I freaking hate it. When I gave it away, and my cousin told me she also hated it, I was not shocked.

The thing with Aquamarine is that it smells gorgeous when it’s not burning, but right when you lite it up, it gives off a different smell.

I am a bit disappointed with this candle, and the line in general. I usually can’t get enough of Yankee Candle! I guess the SoHo Living Collection is not for me. I was left kicking myself for coughing up nearly $20.00 for this 14.5 ounce candle. From now on, I’m just going to stick with the Yankee Candles that come in the classic glass jars. It seems when the jar gets redesigned, the candle sucks.

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