Yes, You Can Afford a Housekeeper or Cleaning Service

For many American families, hiring a housekeeper or cleaning services is a viable option that allows for freedom of time to pursue other interests and needs. For many families, the focus on time spent with children, time spent on pursuing education and even time spent on additional employment is often met with conflict when faced with the need to clean and maintain a home. This is, ultimately, the reason housekeeping and cleaning services have become so wildly popular in recent years.

When hiring a housekeeping service or cleaning service, it is important to remember, first, that this is a business relationship with a mutual benefit; you need more free time and a clean house and the person providing the service desires to work and earn an income. While many of these business relationships become somewhat personal, it is important to always maintain some level of professionalism so as to ensure your paid cleaning services are maintained at the desire you and your family needs.

As you become more familiar with your housekeeping service, remember, first, to avoid disclosing many details of your personal life. While this individual may be in your home on a regular basis, and feel as if they are part of your family, disclosing personal information may become detrimental to you and your family. Additionally, do not encourage or elicit personal information from your housekeeper as this may result in many wasted hours of paid cleaning service when more talking seems to be accomplished.

Additionally, it is never a good idea to allow your housekeeper to live within your home. Unless there is a medical or family issue that warrants such services, the housekeeper should reside outside of your home and should not have access to your home when you are not present. In the even the housekeeper must reside in your home, it is important to maintain the business relationship by allowing the housekeeper to access the home, at will, without feeling as if he or she must account for any hours not spent working in the home. This, needless to say, is difficult to do.

When you have found the perfect housekeeper or cleaning service, it is important to praise their work when it is done well. Consistent and regular praise will work to ensure they continue to maintain the home as you expect them to but also assist the housekeeper with accepting constructive criticism when there are cleaning and household issues to be addressed.

As many families turn to housekeepers and cleaning services as a way to improve their quality of life, freeing up time to rest, relax and pursue other interests, it is important to find a housekeeper that you are truly pleased with and to follow these simple business relationship guidelines to ensure the housekeeper stays with you for many years to come.

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