Yoga: Laughing as a Form of Exercise

For thousands of years, civilization has practiced some form of Yoga, connecting mind, body and spirt. Providing this connection between body and mind, Yoga is considered both a mentally and physically demanding workout. Increasing flexibility while working to meditate within the spirit, Yoga can be used in general fitness programs as well as programs to improve both mental health and physical injuries and illnesses. With the advancements in Yoga practice, comes the new method of Laughing Yoga. Understanding how this new level of Yoga stimulates the body and mind program will ensure a new dynamic in the fitness of America and impact a rare group of Yoga enthusiasts.

Yoga, at its very core, offers the fitness enthusiast a lesson in flexibility which leads to stress relief, a sense of calmness and well being. With the added component of stretching techniques, Yoga offers a balance between mind and body which leads to stable and well meditated Yoga positions, each with its own unique benefit.

In recent years, and in major cities such as New York, Yoga instructors have begun to encourage the individuality of he Yoga curriculumn. By offering programs in proper breathing techniques, chanting and meditation, Yoga is evolving creating a market with more Yoga centered facilities encouraging a revival of spiritual awakening. So, what is the latest development into the individuality of Yoga? Laughing Yoga.

Though not a mainstream Yoga practice, Laughing Yoga is becoming a more recognized program for the individuality of Yoga students. With roots tied to the environment of New York City, the concept of Laughing Yoga leans towards a technique in which the yoga poses are consistent with intervals of laughing in between. What prompts this laughing? Nothing; other than the laughter of other Yoga students. As one person begins to laugh, so does the next and, before long, the entire studio is full of laughing Yoga students. After laughing for several minutes, the instructor guides the students into the next Yoga pose.

Yoga students, around the country, report this new niche in Yoga practice is not only fitness friendly but emotionally uplifting. Offering an opportunity to hear other laughs prompts a unique connection between students which would otherwise not be found in an older version of Yoga practice. Furthermore, the muscle contractions, used during Laughing Yoga, further enhance the torso level work out and results of the Yoga program.

Whatever the style of fitness and excercise, many Yoga instructors are turning to variations in Yoga practice so as to offer programs as diverse as the individuals participating. With the addition of the Laughing Yoga concept, many Yoga instructors, and Yoga fitness faciltiies will be laughing all the way to the bank.

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