Yoga for Fatigue

To raise the energy level in a human body the solar plexus needs to be targeted, as stretching this region increases the flow of energy through the spine and brings a sense of aliveness in your soul. Bring your awareness to the top part of your stomach as you practice these exercises and you will soon notice a change in your tiredness levels.

CAUTION: Practice these exercises gently and slowly and avoid jerks. Those with high blood pressure and heart conditions, hernia and peptic ulcers should avoid Exercise 3.

� Exercise 1

� Lie on your back, with arms by the side

� Breathe in, stretch your arms up over your head

� Interlock the fingers and stretch upwards, feet pointing forward

� Hold, breathing normally

� Exhale and bring your arms down by your sides.

� Exercise 2

� Get down on all fours, your arms straight, palms under your shoulders, your fingers facing forward, knees in line with your hips

� Inhale and raise your head and look up as you create an intense dip in your back

� Exhale and drop your head down and arch your back as shown

� Hold for 10-30 seconds, breathing normally

� Resume to the start position

� Do 10-15 rounds.

� Exercise 3

� Lie flat on your stomach, your legs together, your arms beside the body, your chin on the floor

� Bend both your knees

� Reach for your toes or ankles and grip them firmly

� Inhale and raise your upper body while tensing the leg muscles and pushing your feet backwards.
hold for 10 to 20 seconds, exhale and slowly release the legs and come down.

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