You Can Make Money from Home Using Your Computer with These Sites!

Everywhere you go on the Internet people are looking for easy ways to make money. We’ve heard the requests so many times that we write off every “get paid to” site as a scam. I thought the same thing until people I knew started making money with a site called Treasure Trooper. As I researched this site and others like it I found that there are legitimate “Get Paid To” sites out there, and that you can make money with them. My first month I made $182.00 on one site. I was hooked. All it takes is a little organization…

Sites such as and are called “Get Paid To (GPT)” sites, as in, get paid to surf, shop, sign up for trial offers and read emails. With these sites both you and the site make money in a few different ways. Each offer you complete can net you anywhere from .50 (signing up for an email newsletter) to 60.00 (signing up for a Bingo site and depositing 20.00). You sign up with these sites and they pay you per offer to enter your name, address, phone number and email address. They make money by selling this info to advertisers. You can also sign up to read the email ads they send you. This is very painless and really ads up. Paid surveys are another quick and fun way to make money with GPTs. The quickest way to make money is to sign up for trial offers, such as the recent offer I completed through Treasure Trooper. I signed up for a free 10 day trial of and received 10.00 from Treasure Trooper. Easy! I then canceled my offer before the 10 day trial period. Some of these trial offers require credit cards, some don’t.

Ready to try your hand at these GPT sites? First, set up an email address for each site you’re going to use. This helps reduce spam. Second, sign up for a free phone number from a site such as This is completely free since you will never be checking the number anyway. This way the advertisers won’t be calling you at home. Third use a calendar to mark down when you need to complete offers so that you can cancel them before you’re charged. Last, if you’re concerned about using your credit card, get a prepaid VISA to use on these sites exclusively. While a credit card isn’t necessary to make money on these sites, it does allow you to do more of the higher-paying offers.

There are many GPT sites out there and I’ve tried most all of them! My favorite is They pay out by check monthly if you have more than 20.00 in your account. They always have around 150 possible offers, daily paid surveys, fun trial offers, supportive forums and fun contests. I have averaged $250.00 a month for the last three months on this site. Check it out!

Another site I like is This site calls itself the highest paying reward site but I think Treasure Trooper pays better. Still, it doesn’t take long to rack up the 50.00 required for payout (by check) with SurfBounty. and are two additional sites that send you paid emails in addition to having paid offers available. is another that has a cult following for its simple to use website.

Most of these sites will start you out with $3-5.00 just for signing up and creating a profile. Most also give you a bonus if you use a referral from another member (contact me and I can email you referrals). They key to all of these sites is to realize they won’t make you rich but, if you’re organized you can make a nice chunk of change with these sites, just by sitting in front of your computer. And who couldn’t use that?

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