How to Launch a Home Daycare

If you like to spend time with children, this is a perfect idea to make some money out of what you enjoy doing. It may seem as a business that you can set up in a day but you need to do some planning for it. It is not a venture that will make you rich in a day; it requires time, attention but has the advantage that you won’t have to go out of your house. If you aren’t very fond of children, then this isn’t the job for you. You need to be patient, tactful and ready to devote attention. It is not very easy to take care of someone else’s child. If you think you have the potential, then follow the steps below to launch your own day care.

Things Required:

– Paperwork to become licensed

– Children’s toys geared to preschool level

– Materials to create a poster

– Sample daily schedules

– Sample lunch menus

– Snacks for the open house

– Crafts for kids


  • 1

    You need to set the legal matters first. Check the licensing policy and the state regulations. Licensing will give your business insurance and also credibility. Your day care will become listed and this will attract more attention and people would come to know of you.

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    Plan each day as the parents like to be informed about how their children will be spending their time. List down the activities that you will have each day: circle time, play time, crafts time etc. This way a proper routine will form and even the children would be ready on how to spend the day. You could also include a field trip once a week if it’s manageable. Allocate an area to conduct each activity. The living room could be for naps or watching cartoons and family room is for playing. Use the dining table for art related activities.  Also set a space in the lawn for some outdoor games. Another option is to take them for a walk.

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    Design a poster and print some pamphlets for advertising purpose. Add your complete home address and contact information on it. The fliers can be delivered to the homes in the neighborhood. Also before you formally start, have an information day where you could tell about your rules and rates. Have some refreshments; give the parents a tour and a plan of how the day will be conducted.

  • 4

    Have separate interviews with each parent who admits their child. Explain them the details in person, vacation policies and ask if the child has any special needs or allergies.

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