Apple Confirmed WWDC Keynote Event

Well the breaking news is that the Apple has officially announced the date of its Worldwide Developers Conference keynote. It will be held on Monday June 11 in San Francisco. It seems safe to assume that there is going to be a new product announcement at the event. Although the expectations for the event are extremely high and during the event the entire focus will be on the new CEO Tim Cook as to whether he is going to announce a new product or not. The keynote will start at 10 a.m. on June 11 at Moscone West.


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    Surprisingly, Apple hasn't revealed yet who will actually be delivering the keynote for this year. Traditionally, CEO Steve Jobs did the honours and the company used the keynote event to reveal its new hardware products. However, it is expected that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook along with other executives will take the stage and address the keynote. Cook has been the company’s chief spokesman before taking the charge of CEO last August. Whoever does give the keynote address will usually add to the overall hype of Apple's new products set to be launched shortly.

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    Although, it is still a clandestine as to what Apple will announce at the event, but some have speculated that the company will talk about the new features of iOS 6 and the recently released iOS 6 Maps app. From 2007 to 2010, Apple revealed its latest iPhone in the event. In 2011, they launched iCloud for the first time at the same event. Apple is notorious for announcing new products at their Worldwide Developers Conference. The company usually stays tight lipped about any new product launch or announcement and the internet is already buzzing about what new and unique products Apple will be announcing this year at the event. Most of the speculations come from the fact that Apple likes to control most the information regarding any new product or service that it might be working on and then they generate a lot of hype around their Developers Conference to get the most out of the media spotlight.

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    There are no official invitations sent by Apple for the keynote event, which is something they did not do in the previous years. In any case, there might be some discussions on iCloud at the keynote event. Many people feel that iCloud is the next generation of computing and it looks like Apple might have some very big plans for this new technology. Besides that, all the attendees at Worldwide Developers Conference can download WWDC 2012 iOS app to keep track of news, sessions and general schedule.

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