How to Report Immigration Marriage Fraud

It is a serious crime in many countries of the world to marry someone for immigration purposes. Usually it is also called a scam or fraud and needs to be reported. Through many modern information sources, people are getting to know that these types of immigration marriages basically fall under fraud and must be reported so government officials can take appropriate action. It is also important to understand that different countries have different rules regarding reporting immigration marriage fraud. In United States of America Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is the top authority that overlooks cases of immigration marriage fraud.


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    Getting to know marriage fraud

    It is also important that you should know about marriage fraud and what constitutes a marriage fraud. The root cause of the marriages sometime leads to an outer craving or desire which provokes an individual to get involved with this kind of pact which is considered sacred in many societies. You should gather information from different kinds of sources which could tell you about some crucial facts regarding false marriages which are only performed for getting some kind of immigration. Now the internet is considered a big source which can provide you with the latest information about these types of marriages and other things related to marriage and fraud.

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    Gather evidence

    Evidence is very important in reporting immigration marriage fraud. The different law enforcement agencies will need strong evidence against whatever you are reporting regarding marriage fraud. It might take a few weeks before you are able to gather all the evidence in any particular case.

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    Contact immigration enforcement agencies

    In depends upon the individual as to whether he or she wants to file any report against someone under a fake or false marriage just for immigration or that particular individual wants to hire a lawyer to go through the process. Contacting immigration and the concerned enforcement agency will require some basic evidence and if you have all the basic and other needed evidence, then your case will be a sound one and you might get a positive outcome from it.

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    Field office

    Sometimes field officers can also help you to get good results in these types of cases. They will also help you in many ways which will give you great relief coping with the stress people get after being cheated in marriages.

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