How To Create & Start Your Own Liquor Brand

In United States alone, a total of 600 liquor brands were created over a period of four years (2002 to 2006). If you have the proper means at your disposal, starting a liquor business to make money can be a profitable idea. But you can not just wake up one day and create a liquor brand. You need to take care of a few necessary things first.


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    The first thing you need to do is to choose which type of liquor you will be creating and selling. There are several types of liquor such as Vodka, Rum, Whiskey, Gin, Tequila etc. Each type of liquor has a different distillation process. If you are planning on creating and selling speciality drinks, distillation process will be more complex than the distillation process for common liquor types. Depending on the type of liquor you choose to sell, thoroughly study and familiarise yourself with the distillation process for that particular type.

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    Find out which distillery has the capability to distil your choice of liquor type. To find the best distillery you can search online or you can try talking to liquor professionals in your area.

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    Taking care of packaging comes next. Contact local designers and see what they can do in terms of packaging to make your alcohol product unique. If the packaging looks appealing at first look, people will be enticed to prefer your liquor brand over others.

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    Now you need to gather feedback about your liquor brand. Presenting your alcohol product to a group of friends whom you trust is a good idea. Get their feedback and make any necessary changes. Try to get a feel of the niche market you will be targeting. For instance, middle-aged people may like your alcohol product more than people in their early 20's. This will help you decide which marketing and promotion techniques you will be employing to promote your liquor product.

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    Now you need to address the legal aspect. Get the necessary license from the government organisation responsible for regulating liquor business before you start selling your alcohol product.

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    Find local businesses involved in alcohol sales such as grocery stores, convenience stores, liquor stores and bars. Make sure that you sell your brand to businesses that serve your client base. This will result in a direct increase of your brand.

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    To sell your brand at its best, hiring a distributor is a good idea. You may not be able to promote and sell your brand nationwide yourself but a distributor can do that for you. In case you are going to target nationwide and international liquor market, make sure you get the necessary licenses.

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