You Can Make a Difference On the Environmrnt

The human race puts a huge strain on the environment. When we think of big concerns like the environment, it can be difficult to imagine how any single individual can make an impact. You can however, make a difference in the world by making a few simple changes in your home to reduce your negative environmental footprint.

Buy Organic – Produce and staples like pasta and wheat are produced organically without toxic pesticides.

Buy in Bulk – When you buy in bulk you reduce the amount of packaging needed for the same amount of food. You can re-package using smaller reusable containers at home. This will save you money as well as help cut down on plastics and other materials harmful to the environment.

Recycle – Most cities now have recycle programs, and much more than just cans and bottles can be recycled. Keep the recycle bin in a handy spot and make recycling a habit.

Use Recycled Products – Many paper products like paper towel and napkins and paper plates are available as recycled products that work just as well as non-recycled. They will also be less expensive.

Newspaper has many alternative uses – After reading the newspaper don’t just throw it away there are many alternative uses. Newspaper is great for washing windows, it does not leave lent or streaks. It is also good for wrapping small items for safe keeping. Like Christmas decorations or collectable items that you are packing away for safe keeping.

Practice Energy Conservation – Next time you purchase an appliance look for the energy star shield that shows the product has been certified to use a low rate of energy. Also replace traditional incandescent light blubs with any number of low energy alternatives now available. Energy conservation can save considerable money each month. There is an old saying “when not in use cut the juice”. In other words do not forget to turn the lights and other energy using items off.

Re-use shopping bags – Plastic shopping bags are terrible on the environment. You can re-use them or even better get some cloth bags and reuse them over and over to help reduce plastic use.

Carry a re-usable water bottle – Stop drinking bottled water take tap water in a re-usable Bottle, preferably aluminum. This will cut down enormously on plastic waste. You can easily filter your tap water to make it more pure. You will save money by not buying bottled water.

Just think of the impact on the environment if everyone followed at least one of these steps. Once you see how simple it is you can easily adopt more and more money saving environmentally friendly habits.

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