You Can Stop Sweating Profusely – Forever

Sweating is something everyone does; it’s the natural way a body cools down. In certain people the sweat system overworks to cause profuse sweating well beyond what a body needs for cooling purposes. This can prove irritating and embarrassing for the person involved. Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is noted in about 1% of the population.

Excessive sweating can be a red flag signaling other ailments or conditions. One of these conditions, called hyperthyroidism, can cause serious problems. Other conditions related to super-sweating are menopause, obesity, endocrine diseases and psychiatric disorders.

In some people hyperhidrosis can be limited to certain parts of the body only, such as palms of hands, armpits or forehead. This type of hyperhidrosis usually begins in childhood and continues on through the adult life. The exact cause is unknown but anxiety can cause it to be even more severe than normal.

There are no specific drugs to treat profuse sweating and that can leave the sufferer to avoid social situations. Often, profuse sweating is seen by others as a sign of nervousness or insecure – even lying or having something more sinister to hide. In reality any number of things can set off the uncontrollable sweating sessions.

Exercise, of course, is one reason many people sweat but when you suffer from hyperhidrosis simply walking through an air-conditioned store can cause the onset of super-sweating. And the more it heats up outside the worse the condition can get for some.

Some alternative methods of treating excessive sweating, like acupuncture or homoeopathy, have had disappointing results. There is a type of surgery that can help those who simply can’t find relief in any other method. The surgery requires the excision of the axillary sweat glands.

Talk to your doctor about treatments that may help the sweating problem. If you’ve tried several different avenues and none have worked speak to your physician about the axillary surgery. Read more about the surgery online to get a better understanding of what all it will involve. There’s no need to be embarrassed anymore.

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