HIV Screening Centers in the Washington, DC Metro Area

The HIV epidemic is completely out of control. When I was a teenager, teachers and parents preached about the importance of safe sex or abstinence to prevent us from getting this deadly virus. By the time I reached high school, one out of twenty students from my school, had the HIV virus. This statistic was based on those who either knew about their contracted disease or those who chose to share the information to school officials.

Having sex nowadays is very dangerous. Of course we all know that, right?

Millions of people across the country fail to realize the importance of condoms, abstinence, and getting to know the person that they sleep with. Let’s not kid ourselves. There are some very evil people in the world who are so miserable with a deadly disease, that they could care less who they give it to. Like cancer, HIV is unforgiving. It only takes one time to forget your condoms at home or one night with the finest person you ever seen, to have this deadly disease for the rest of your life.

For people who don’t already know, the best way(s) to avoid getting HIV or any other STD virus is to practice abstinence, wear protection, or limit the number of people you lay down with. However, this has been preached over and over for years and people still don’t understand the severity of HIV. I just don’t get it.

For the individuals who don’t listen to the advice of doctors and experts regarding the HIV virus and continue to have unprotected sex with everything that breathes, you should get tested often. Getting tested early, may help you get the right treatment to ensure that you are able to still live a long and happy life. It also may save the life of someone else as well.

Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia, has a campaign that encourages everyone to get tested for HIV or an STD. This campaign is to encourage those individuals who do not have health insurance and cant afford regular doctor visit. There are clinics and hospitals throughout the entire area that are offering free HIV screenings. Screenings are strictly confidential and are available in the afternoons as well as the weekend. Our Nation’s capital has one of the highest rates for HIV cases in the country. Hopefully this campaign will help people get tested and treated before it’s too late.

Here is a list of sponsored clinics in the DC metro area where HIV testing is available.


Planned Parenthood
1108 16th Street NW
Washington, DC
(202) 347-8512

3937A Minnesota Ave., NE
Washington, DC
(202) 388-4770

Washington Free Clinic
1525 Newton St., NW
Washington, DC
(202) 667-1106

Whitman Walker Clinic, Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center
1701 14th St., NW
Washington, DC.

Max Robinson Center of Whitman-Walker Clinic
2301 Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue, SE
Washington, DC
(202) 678-8877

The Women’s Collective
1436 U Street, NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC
(202) 483-7003

Unity Healthcare
850 Delaware Ave., SE
Washington, DC
(202) 548-4520
Alexandria Adolescent Clinic
3701 W. Braddock Road
Alexandria, VA
(703) 519-6006

Alexandria Health Department
517 North Saint Asaph Street
Alexandria, VA
(703) 838-4389

800 South Walter Reed Drive
Arlington, VA
(703) 228-5175

Planned Parenthood
370 South Washington Street,Suite 300
Falls Church, VA
(703) 533-5651
Planned Parenthood
1400 Spring Street, Suite 450
Silver Spring, MD
(301) 608-3448

19650 Clubhouse Road, Suite 104
Gaithersburg, MD
(301) 208-1300

Healthy Teens & Young Adults Clinic
7824 Central Avenue.
Landover, MD (301) 324-5144

Cheverly Health Center
3003 Hospital Drive, Room 1023
Cheverly, MD

D. Leonard Dyer Regional Health Center
9314 Piscataway Road, Room 175
Clinton, MD
(301) 817-3130

University of Maryland Health Center
College Park, MD (301) 314-8180

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