You, God, and License Plate Holders

So I am driving around san diego in quest of a post office today. and time after time i find myself behind this car that has the “God is awesome” License plate holder. and it gets me to thinking- would god really think of himself/herself/itself(in case god turns out to be like a platypus or something) as awesome? or would he be more inclined to call himself “rad”? Or is god more hood and would liken him/her/itself to being “sick” or “tight” or “bangin”. and what if god was a queen latifah fan and preferred “bananas”? maybe I should start making license plate holders. I think my favorite would be ” GOD is Muy Chingon” or maybe “GOD is the SHIZIT”

And what about when people out of nowhere-like when you call their house for instance- let you know that “God is Good” Would god really think that he is just “good”? or would he feel short changed? would he be muttering “God Damn it- I am more than good- I am pretty pretty fucking great actually. more than great- Peter whats a better word than great?”


“thats right i am fucking amazing! Don’t let that A-hole in for saying i am just good…”

maybe he/she/it wouldnt give up on a soul so easily, but i bet he gets pissed when someone just says he is good…

Personally I think GOD just looks down and as he notices one of these assholes taking the time to switch license plate holders to let every asshole behind him knows what he thinks of god, just mutters

“what a dweeb.”

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