You Know You’re Becoming a Coupon Addict When…

You Know You’re Becoming a Coupon Addict/Ultra Tightwad When..

1. You stand in line at customer service for 10 minutes to complain that you were overcharged a buck or two.

2. You find yourself salivating a bit when someone mentions coupons or a good sale!

3. You get an adrenaline rush when you get the paper (new coupons and new sales flyers!)

4. You know exactly when the paper comes and grab it seconds after it lands!

5. You have done very embarrassing and downright silly things for coupons. Like beg the teen cashier at Burger King if you could have the coupons out of the Sunday paper sitting out for patrons to read, digging papers out of the laundry room garbage that people in your apartment building have thrown away, chased down neighbor kids who have stolen your stolen paper, etc. etc. (to clarify, our “stolen” papers are just papers that get delivered to apartment buildings where people have moved out and they are empty. These papers end up in the garbage. So, to avoid digging them OUT of the garbage, I take them when they arrive. It’s a great way to get free news and free coupons).

6. You have actually PURCHASED coupons! (Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! While this may seem silly, it makes sense to me since I paid about $1.25 for some coupons. With those coupons I got 1 free shampoo, 1 free conditioner, and 5 free bottles of hand sanitizer foam, which I was able to make 30 cents overage on per bottle so…..I actually made a quarter and got free stuff for buying coupons!) Go to The Coupon Clippers site.

7. You are infamous at the local grocery stores. You can’t decide if cashiers admire you or hate you for using a bazillion coupons.

8. You internally scream when you have to buy something at full price. You cringe and do mental calculations and try to find substitutions in your recipe, all to avoid having to pay TWICE the price as Wal-Mart for an ingredient you need.

9. You have asked neighbors if you can have the coupons out of their papers. You also clip all the coupons out of your mom’s magazines.

10. Your children love coupons too because they love what you love right? Your 2 year old has her own play coupon organizer and likes to shuffle through outdated ones you’ve given her to play with!

11. You love going on trips so you can pass through bigger cities and get tons more coupons out of the big city Sunday papers!

12. You’ve got a game going in your head of trying to see how little you can spend on Christmas/birthday gifts this year. You’ve caught yourself thinking stuff like, “Not only did I get my little nephew twice the presents this year, but I spent a grand total of 60 cents on his 3 gifts and card!”

13. People have called you a walking commercial for Walgreens.

14. Your friends mail you coupons. Also, your friends have become coupon crazy too, calling you or e-mailing about the deals this week and the hot sales in town.

15. You can’t imagine how you lived before The Coupon Bar.

16. You have even dreamed about clipping coupons. Not kidding!

17. You get irritated when you actually have to pay for something since you get so many things free with coupons.

18. Yard saling and thrift store shopping aren’t just hobbies, they are a SPORT for you that you compete in regularly!

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