Your Feng Shui Home Office

There are three places in each home that are of special concern and we want to have each of these areas arranged appropriately to receive the best benefit. The first area of concern is the bedroom, the second is the stove and kitchen and the third is your home office. We spend a considerable amount of time in each of these rooms and we receive their energy, be that good or bad. So why not make the most of them.

In this article I would like to concentrate on the home office. The basic guidelines for your home office can also be applied to your space at work if you have the flexibility. The location of the office in your home, the location of your desk and chair within the office and the direction you face while sitting are the three most important things to think about.

Locate your office somewhere else other than your kitchen area or bedroom. You need to have a place devoted to work without the distraction of the constant traffic a kitchen usually experiences. The kitchen will also remind you of the work you have to do-shopping, cooking, cleaning for instance. Also, your office equipment and supplies can be damaged by moisture and cooking vapors. You might also gain weight by having your office in view of the kitchen. When you have your office in your bedroom you become sleepy while working. The bed calls you to nap. And on the other hand when you do want to sleep you are reminded of the work you didn’t have time to finish. Also all the electronic equipment creates vibrations that will disturb your sleep.

So where does your office go? Each person has four beneficial locations/directions and four inauspicious locations/directions. Set up your office in one of your beneficial locations if at all possible. Once you have found the best room for your office, place your desk. You do not want to sit directly in front of the door. This position is too strong and will disturb your concentration. You will be distracted by anyone who walks by your room. Do not sit with your back to the door either. This makes you feel uncomfortable because you can be surprised by someone walking in on you.

Generally the best place for your desk is in the corner opposite the door. Place your desk so that you have a wall behind your back. That way you can see anyone who approaches without being surprised. Some schools call this the power position.

If you have many windows in the room, control the light with curtains. Glare makes it difficult to concentrate and causes eyestrain. Also invest in good task lighting for your desk. It is well worth the money and less expensive than a new pair of glasses or migraine medicine.

Keep your desk neat and clean. Have a good filing system and supplies close at hand. This will minimize the clutter on your desk and make your job easier. Too many files, to-do lists and family photos on your desk keep you from concentrating on the work at hand. Book cases are great for organizing papers, reference material and supplies. It is beneficial to have doors on the bookcase to eliminate visual clutter.

Your office should be painted in neutral colors so as not to interfere with your work. Keep it light. Dark colors can be depressing and too strong for an office. Choose a color appropriate for the compass direction of the room. A well organized bulletin board is helpful, but keep it neat. Art work should not be too distracting.

In other words, keep your surroundings simple and calm. This will allow you to do your best work. Choose a good location to receive good energy and the battle is more than half won.

Now get to work and finish that novel you started.

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