ZZ Plant: Another Easy Houseplant

ZZ plant, Zamioculcas zamiifolia, is one of the few houseplants that can be bought and basically forgotten. There are several reasons for this statement, including the all the factors that lead to a healthy houseplant, such as water, light and soil requirements. This plant does not appear to have any specific requirements to remain as beautiful as it is the day it is bought and brought home.

As with any plant, the ZZ plant does need water, just not very often. This plant, with its dark green foliage, has the ability to store water in its tuber, thick leaves and fleshy stems. This ability will enable it to go weeks with no need for water. Even with this ability to store water, it is best to water the ZZ plant every week or two.

Another requirement that all plants need is light. The ZZ plant does not require a tremendous amount of light as some other plants will. This plant actually has the ability to thrive in any light situation, but does better in less light or even shade. With this light requirement, the ZZ plant becomes even more popular as a houseplant because the homeowner does not have to worry about the plant getting its required amount of light daily.

Soil requirements for the ZZ plant are same as with the light and water. It will thrive beautifully in a common houseplant potting soil. However, it will do somewhat better in a shallow container with sandy soil if one is available.

Caring for this succulent plant with its pinnate leaves is very simple. As mentioned earlier, only water the ZZ plant every week or two, after allowing the soil to thoroughly dry out. Do not allow the ZZ plant to sit in water. A light or moderate watering is all this plant needs.

ZZ plants will bloom in the mid summer or early fall. The blooms of this houseplant are generally bright yellow to brown or even bronze. The flowers that the ZZ plant produces are known as perigon or an incomplete flower.

Propagation of the ZZ plant is as easy as caring for it, but is very slow. To propagate your ZZ plant, select a healthy leaf, carefully break or cut it off and immediately allow it to create a callus by placing the broken off leaf in a cool, dry area for several hours. After the callus has formed, plant the leaf, callus side down, in moist sand. Place the newly planted leaf in a half-closed zip-loc bag, and set in an area with bright, indirect light. Water should be added to keep the soil moist. The leaf should grow roots within a year and will then be ready to pot in well-draining soil.

Another positive aspect to ZZ plants is that they do not attract pests. Very seldom will you find any troublesome insects that will need to be tended too. ZZ plants are virtually disease free also.

ZZ plants are the perfect houseplant for most people. These plants are very easy keepers due to the fact that they require very little attention to remain beautiful.

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