Zero Percent Interest Credit Cards: Easy Way to Consolidate Debts

Since the median household carries a credit card debt load of nearly $8,000 to $10,000, the amount of individuals attracted to debt consolidation has increased. There are many approaches to consolidate debts. Some methods are better than others. If hoping to consolidate your debts, you might consider a zero percent balance transfer. This is an easy way to manage your debts and become debt free within two years.

1. Understanding Credit Card Balance Transfers

Credit card companies have been offering balance transfers for quite sometime. Most people choose to transfer their balances in order to receive a better rate or more favorable terms. With a balance transfer, the balance from one or more credit cards is moved to a new card. Even though the idea of moving around debts may not appear to be a sensible solution, try and focus on the big picture. A credit card with a lower rate means you pay less interest. In turn, more money is applied to reducing the principle.

If the balance transfer credit card has a significantly high credit limit, there is the option of combining two credit cards onto one card. This becomes a simple method of debt consolidation.

2. Advantages of Credit Card Balance Transfers

Because the majority of balance transfers involve low or zero interest for the initial 6 to 15 months, many consumers are using these cards as a way of reducing their debts. High interest rates and finance fees prevent many from paying off their credit cards.

With a zero percent credit card, all payments made will go toward reducing the principle. If carrying a high credit card balance, it may be beneficial to move the balance to a zero percent card. Because of the low rate, debt free becomes a reality.

3. Stipulations of Zero Percent Balance Transfer

Before agreeing to transfer your credit card balances to a zero percent interest credit card, it is important to understand that the zero percent only applies to the amount transferred from other cards. Thus, if you were to use the credit card for additional purchases, interest will incur.

Moreover, credit card companies offering zero percent interest balance transfers will not put up with late or skipped payments. In some instances, after the first late payment, credit card companies terminate the zero percent interest agreement without forewarning, and charge an outrageously high interest rate. If this occurs, it becomes very difficult to reduce the balance.

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