Choosing the Best Income Tax Service

Many people believe that choosing an income tax service to file their return is an easy task. However, without careful consideration of your personal needs and a review of various income tax services in your area you may not choose the best option for you. There are a few basic concepts one should consider when choosing the best income tax service, including availability throughout the remainder of the year (some offices close up shop, and it then becomes difficult to get help if you are contacted later about your returns), pricing, location, and quality of customer service available. This article focuses on a detailed comparison of services for two of the most popular income tax services: Jackson Hewitt and H&R Block. Both are well known and trusted companies, but choosing the best for you will depend on an evaluation of your current situation.

Both income tax services provide a comprehensive set of products and options but various incentives, location, and level of comfort with the tax professionals will also factor into your decision. Pricing is comparable for both companies, but can vary per region, so it is best to conduct this portion of the research on your own. Contact local branches to find out what kind of pricing they offer, and if there are any special incentives available for your particular situation. Often companies will provide free services for low income families or discounts based on other criteria.

Beginning with Jackson Hewitt, the following is a highlight list of the services offered:

– Free electronic tax filing with paid tax preparation
– Direct Deposit, Refund Anticipation Loan, Debit Cash Card Refund Option (ipowerÃ?® Cash Card)
– Gold GuaranteeÃ?® (This service provides additional protection, and even covers liabilities that exceed what the tax return shows in the event of a miscalculation or any other type of error.)
– Flex-PaySM Program provides options for payments if you end up owing the IRS money
– ItsDeductibleÃ?® Program provides a comprehensive analysis of donations made, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars.
– Refer a Friend Program offers a tax rebate for each person you refer to their income tax service
– Online coupon available for $10 Tax Filing Preparation Services (
– Affiliated with – signing up for trip rewards will give you a $25 gift certificate for use with federal tax filing services (

H&R Block tax filing services offer the following highlights:

– Maximum refund guarantee (If the tax professional you work with does not get you the maximum refund amount you are entitled to H&R Block will refund your tax preparation fee.)
– Offers Express IRA and Express Savings Accounts – your refund will be automatically deposited, allowing for maximum savings potential
– Occupational Planner helps you to determine if you are receiving credit for all of your job related purchases
– Direct Deposit, Refund Anticipation Loan, Debit Cash Card
– International offices available for citizens who are outside of the U.S. during tax season
– Double Your Refund Instant Win Game
– Easy Pay Line of Credit available if you end up owing taxes to the IRS
– Year Round Assistance Guarantee

Obviously, each company has various incentives that might encourage you to choose them for your income tax service. It is important to note that fees can vary widely based upon the complexity of your return. Make sure you receive an accurate estimate from more than one income tax service before you ultimately make a decision. Choosing the correct service for your needs can result in great savings – of both time and money!

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