Zoysia Grass – Good for Your Lawn?

Zoysia Grass – Thumbs up or down….

We all want beautiful lawns, and sometimes go to extremes to get just that. I had the wacky idea of actually buying grass for some spots of my yard. A close relative recommended Zoysia. They just purchased some and even though they had not received it yet and I had nothing to actually look at and decide, everything she told me about it was exactly what I wanted to hear and wanted for my yard.

So I decided to order some. It was fairly cheap in my opinion and that was a good thing. You can buy the plugs and it is recommended they be planted one per square foot. Prices range from eleven dollars all the way to a hundred dollars. They have great packages though, so you do indeed get a bargain for your money.

This grass grows in most types of soil, so the need for little or no preparation of your yard makes a lot of people happy. After you order they ship your grass when your area is ready according to the temperatures, etc. I received mine in less than a month.

They recommend you plant your grass the day you receive it or the following day. This grass needs little or no maintenance as well and should grow fully within 2-3 growing seasons.

The plugs are better than the seed. Reason being, the seed takes more water and maintenance than the plugs do. The seed also doesn’t grow as high a quality as the plugs.

With these plugs you can plant them over your existing lawn or on bare ground. You don’t have to dig up your entire yard, just to plant some plugs. You only dig where you want the plug to be and they will overtake the weeds and rest of your lawn, so it all becomes the Zoysia grass. To me, that is worth the effort!

If you are able to get an idea of when your grass will arrive, I suggest getting your lawn ready by having the holes dug so when you get the grass, you only have to cut it and place it on the ground. You receive the grass partially cut and you have to fully cut the plugs after you receive them.

So I planted mine and I can say I’m happy with it. They send instructions with your grass, and you want to make sure you read it, but they’re easy and it pays off in the end.

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