Abstinence on the Beach Drink Recipe

Abstinence on the beach is a non-alcoholic cocktail which is famous for providing a tangy and icy splash in hot summers. You may try it with alcohol but this drink is at its best in the original style as a glass of abstinence on the beach completely negates the need for alcohol.

It is unbelievably refreshing but at the same time it is more on the zingy side which makes it harder for a beginner to drink more than one glass. However, we have found solution also for this problem as you can make it milder by adding extra coconut milk.

This cocktail is one of the best things you can offer your guests in a party where alcohol is not desired. This will be a yummy punch also for the kids. However, kids may find it bit harsh and sour so you should use slightly less grapefruit concentrate to please their taste buds.

Moreover, this is not a simple cocktail rather it is instant source of healthful elements that human body needs in daily life.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Ready In: 2 hours 10 minutes
Serve Size: 12 persons
Utensils: Food processor or blender, container, serving pitcher, measuring cups, spoons, serving cocktail glasses

Calories: 123
Fat: 1.1 g
Cholesterol: 0 mg


1 can (12 fluid ounce) frozen concentrated grapefruit juice
1 can (12 fluid ounce) frozen concentrated cranberry juice
¼ cup of coconut milk
9 cups cold water


  • 1

    Put grapefruit juice, cranberry juice and water together in a 6 liter container and mix it.

  • 2

    Take 1 cup of juice and coconut milk to put them in a food processor/blender. Let the machine work until it becomes a smooth combination.

  • 3

    Pour back this mixture into container and stir properly for couple of seconds.

  • 4

    Add more Ice and let it freeze for at least 2 hours.

  • 5

    After it gets icy-cold serve in a pitcher and receive the appreciation from your guests.

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