How to Make Hot Chocolate

After coffee and tea, hot chocolate is probably the most famous hot beverage in the world. It is loved by millions, and a cup of hot milk flavoured with melted chocolate makes for a delightful experience.

Eating chocolate is one thing, but enjoying a hot chocolaty beverage in the winter time can be very soothing. The best thing is that it is incredibly easy to make, and will take you no more than 25 minutes,  if you are in the mood for a hot, sweet drink.

Prep time: 10 min
Cook time: 15 min
Total time: 25 min
Yield: 2 servings

– Whole milk: 2 cups
– Vanilla flavouring: 1 teaspoon
– Chocolate (chopped): 1/2 cup
– Sugar: As per taste


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    The chocolate you use can be any brand that you prefer. You can also use a powdery mix that you can just add to a cup and mix into the milk, but using real chocolate instead of the powder is recommended, in order to give the drink that creamy and genuine chocolaty flavour that everybody craves.

    Chop the chocolate of your choice into small pieces, (no need to be too neat or fine - chop it all up roughly), and place these chopped pieces into a mixing bowl.

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    Now it is time to heat the milk. Whole milk, instead of other varieties like skim or low fat, is preferred because of the creamy texture that it lends to the hot chocolate beverage. You can choose any other variety based on preference or diet, but whole milk is recommended highly in this case, to make the perfect hot chocolate. Heat the milk to the point where it becomes very hot, but is not boiling.

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    When the milk is hot enough, add in the sugar (according to your taste) and the vanilla; keep the sugar to a minimum, in order to avoid overpowering the taste of the chocolate. After mixing the two ingredients into the milk, take the milk off the heat.

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    Now it is time to bring the milk and chocolate together. The hot milk should now be poured into the mixing bowl in which the chocolate is. Gently mix the two together until the mixture becomes chocolate-coloured. Continue adding the milk slowly while mixing the chocolate continuously, so that it melts and does not form lumps.

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    Now it is finally time to enjoy the drink. After mixing the chocolate and milk completely, pour the hot chocolate into cups. You can top it off with whipped cream to add to the rich flavour. Enjoy!

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