How to Prepare Orange Juice without a Juicer

Nothing is better than a tall glass of fresh orange juice early in the morning – in addition to providing a necessary daily dose of vitamin C, the bright, vibrantly sunny colour is sure to put you in a stellar mood for the rest of the day. While orange juice out of the carton is more convenient, the freshly squeezed variety is in a league of its own.

There are several methods for whipping up fresh orange juice at home, the easiest of which requires a juicer. However, if you are up for a little hard work, you can easily prepare a pitcher of fresh orange juice without using a juicer.

Things Required:

– Oranges
– A knife
– A cutting board
– A pitcher
– A strainer (optional)


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    Wash all your oranges thoroughly, to rid them of any dirt or debris on the surface of the peels, so that no unwanted particles make it into the juice. Rid the oranges of any stems and leaves, and place them on a flat surface, next to your cutting board.

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    Next, it is time to soften up the oranges, to make it easier to juice them. One by one, place each orange on the cutting board, apply firm pressure on it with the flat of your hand, and roll it around a bit, to get the juices moving.

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    Once you have rolled all the oranges, proceed to cut them all in half. Then, using your knife, inspect each half and remove any seeds you might find.

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    After the oranges have been de-seeded, run your knife gently along the inner rim of the orange rind, to separate a little bit of the fruit from the peel, just at the edges – do not dislodge the entire orange from the peel.

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    Then, hold the orange over your pitcher and squeeze. Proceed to do this with all the orange halves, and if you want, you can also insert the knife tip into the orange half, and twist it around as you squeeze, to extract the most amount of juice possible – however, be careful you don’t cut yourself.

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    Once all the oranges have been squeezed in this manner, you may decide to either leave the juice as it is (it will contain a fair amount of pulp), or run it through a strainer, in order to filter out all the pulp. Your orange juice is now ready, all without the aid of a juicer – put the pitcher in the fridge to chill, and then serve.

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