How to Make Alcohol at Home

Homemade Alcohol is one of the oldest products around and is also one of the most loved ones. And the best thing about this alcohol is that you can easily make it at home without spending a fortune. All you need is to use sugar and yeast and you can use it to make several types of alcoholic beverages making it such a temptation among the alcohol lovers. The ingredients are very basic and simple and you don’t have to use special equipments to prepare this alcohol making it even easier to make.

Things Required:

– 3 cans of grape juice concentrate
– 1 packet of bread yeast
– 1/2 cup sugar
– 9 cups warm water
– Balloon
– Sanitized milk jug
– Wine bottles and corks
– Bleach
– Needle


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    Before you start making this alcohol, you need to keep this in mind that in order to make homemade alcohol; you need to have a license for that. And without that license, making and selling of this alcohol is illegal. Make sure that you contact the local authorities before you start the process.

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    First, you need to sanitize all the equipment before making the sugar solution. For that, add water and sugar to create the solution. After the solution is dissolved, pour it into a clean bucket and move onto the yeast.

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    Add the entire yeast into the sugar solution and use a stirrer to stir. Keep on stirring until it is completely mixed.

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    Now cover the solution in such a way that no air can go inside but allow carbon dioxide to be released. You can use a rubber grommet for that purpose but there are other methods to do that as well.

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    After that, wrap the covered bucket with a BrewBelt to maintain the required temperature or you can put it in a place where the temperature is 70 or 80 degree F. Allow the fermentation process to continue for another fortnight. Yeast requires this much time in order to turn the sugar into alcohol.

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    Wait for the fermentation has ceased, use a mix of kieselsol and chitosan in order to remove yeast from the alcohol. Add the fining agent and seal the bucket once more. Wait for another 3 to 4 days and then pour out the liquid in another airtight vessel.

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    Your homemade alcohol is now ready and you can enjoy it as much as you can but make sure that you enjoy it responsibly.

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