How to Make a Grateful Dead Drink

The Grateful Dead hippie band inspired countless fans, who then went on to name several items after the band, such as ice cream. The band, founded in 1965, remained extremely popular in the United States of America, as well as many other countries. Apart from the ice cream, there is a cocktail which carries the band’s name too. This is a wonderful drink for adults and is considered the perfect beverage to consume before you enjoy a lively party or a musical concert. However, it is strongly recommended that you refrain from consuming this drink before driving, or before doing any other important work which requires mental concentration.

Prep time: 5 min
Total time: 5 min
Yield: 1 person
Utensils: Cocktail shaker, highball glass, strainer

Vodka: 1 ounce
Gin: 1 ounce
Chambord black raspberry liqueur: 1 ounce
Tequila: 1 ounce
Light rum: 1 ounce
Ice: 3-4 cubes


  • 1

    Add ice to your highball glass

    Just before you start to make a Grateful Dead drink, you should grab a nice and presentable highball glass. Open your freezer and take out an ice cube tray. Check if the cubes are properly frozen and are ideal for your drink. Take a couple of ice cubes out of the tray and put them in the highball glass before you place the tray back in the freezer once again.

  • 2

    Add ingredients to the cocktail shaker

    You should now put the gin, vodka, Chambord liqueur, tequila and light rum in your cocktail shaker, add in a couple of ice cubes, and shake the shaker, to ensure that the liquids are thoroughly mixed.

  • 3


    Having shaken the required quantity of ingredients in the cocktail shaker, you should now strain them into the highball glass slowly. While straining, you should be careful in order to avoid spilling the drink.

  • 4


    Your drink is now ready to be consumed. If you are going to serve it to a guest, you can make it more presentable by adding a strip of lemon rind to the rim of the highball glass.

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