How to Make Bourbon Whiskey

Bourbon, originated during 18th century, is a famous brand of American Whiskey. This amazingly strong drink is made primarily from between 51 to 79 percent of Indian corn. The interesting history behind the name of this barrel-aged beverage shows that it was given the name due to chronological association with an area in the Southern America known as “Old Bourbon.” It is better not to experiment with the ingredients of the original recipe of Bourbon Whiskey in order to maintain its original zest and color. You can serve this American beverage straight, diluted with water with some crushed ice. Moreover, mixing it with fine quality soda and into scrumptious cocktails is another terrific idea to obtain the real taste of Bourbon Whiskey.

Things Required:

– Dry Indian corn
– Mash tun
– Ground rye- Barometer – to check the liquid’s gravity
– Pieces of cloth or plastic sheet- to cover barrels or tubs
– Series of medium and small stills
– Large barrels or tubs
– Large charred white oak barrel


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    The Mash Bill

    First of all, ground the dry Indian corn into fine meal and then place it in a large mash tun. Pour in lime spring water until the corn is completely covered and wet. Set the tub on stove and bring the corn mixture to boil over high heat range. Lower the heat range once the beverage starts boiling, add in some ground rye and bring it boil again at high temperature. Let it simmer for few minutes and then lower the temperature again. Now add barley at into the mixture and bring the solution to boil for the third and last time. Remove the mash tun from heat and set aside for few hours until cool to handle. Now cool the mixture to approximately 55 to 60 degrees in order to prepare it for fermentation.

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    Fermentation process

    Add some yeast to the solution in the mash tun in order to start the fermentation process. Cover the tub properly and leave it for about three to four days or until the fermentation process completes and the grain sugars convert into carbon dioxide and alcohol.

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    Distillation process

    Your mash is now all set for the distillation process, in which the portion of alcohol is separated from the mash by heating the mixture and collecting the vapors. All you have to do is, shift the mash into a series of medium stills and heat them thoroughly. Now collect the vapors formed and then cool the mash in the stills again until get back into the liquid state. Discard the spent mash as it is of no use for you in the preparation of the Bourbon Whiskey.

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    Re-distillate – if you like

    Now, you can go through the distillation process again if you want to make a bourbon whiskey with a higher-proof spirit, improving the overall zest and quality. The whole procedure of re-distillation is same as step 3, but you just have to replace the series of medium stills with small ones. The resulting spirits of the re-distillation are very clear and are called as “"white dog” or "high wines.”

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    Aging process

    Pour the distilled solution into a large charred white oak barrel, seal it leave until the Bourbon's amber changes its color forms a caramel flavor. The natural seasonal changes in temperature can cause your charred white oak barrel to expand in size or to contract, causing the bourbon to flow into the wood itself and then imparting it with color and essence. Majority of the bourbon whiskey must age for two to four years in order to attain the original taste and color.

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