List of All Types of Tea & their Recipes

Who doesn’t like tea every once in a while? However, there are several different types of teas which you can easily make at home. It depends upon the ingredients you use. The best bit about making tea yourself is the fact that you can change its taste as per your needs. Here is a list of a few types of teas which you can easily make at the comfort of your home. You can also learn their recipes and the process through which you can make them.


  • 1

    London Fog

    London fog tea is probably the best way to start your day. With a little bit of vanilla added into the whole picture, you will love how this will taste.

  • 2

    Jasmine Iced Tea

    If you are a fan of ice tea, Jasmine Iced Tea is something you should definitely try. It is preferred that you use brown sugar while you are making this delightful drink.

  • 3

    Fresh Mullein

    Fresh Mullein Tea is the quickest way to treat yourself with an extremely tasty drink. This type of tea is not only used for drinking; in fact, people even apply it on their hair to give them an extra shine.

  • 4

    Catuaba Tea

    Probably the simplest recipe for making tea. You will only need a few ounces of water and the Catuaba herb.

  • 5

    Horny Goat Weed

    This odd-sounding tea type is named after the herb which is used to make it. The horny goat weed improves impotency and libido in men and women. If you want to be physically fit and healthy, the horny goat weed tea is probably what you are looking for.

  • 6

    Lemon Honey Ginger

    The lemon honey ginger tea is famous for curing cough and flu. Herbal doctors often advise drinking it whenever you catch a cold.

  • 7

    Valerian Tea

    The valerian tea is famous for calming you down during anxiety. You will require a few valerian root capsules so you can mix them up with water, chamomile tea and honey.

  • 8

    Fresh Mint

    This type of tea can be served either boiled or iced. You can serve it as per your needs. The only two ingredients are water and mint.

  • 9

    Homemade Chamomile

    The chamomile tea is extremely easy to make at home. Simply mix chamomile flowers with mint, honey and water.

  • 10

    Calendula Tea

    Calendula tea is an extremely famous herbal remedy which can be used for different ailments.

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