Ace of Clubs Cocktail Recipe

The interesting history behind Ace of Clubs shows that this unique cocktail was created in 1930s. This refreshing drink was at the peak of popularity and it was considered the house cocktail at the club Manhattan, Ace of Clubs. The original recipe of Step Ace of Clubs Cocktail has been published in many bar guides or cocktail books. This recipe of Ace of Clubs Cocktail makes just one drink and contains Amber Rum, Creme de Cacao, Simple Syrup, fresh Lime Juice, and Angostura Bitters. However, you can bring variation in this drink by making slight changes in its ingredients. Ace of Clubs Cocktail is usually served in martini cocktail glasses. Charge the taste buds of your family, friends and colleagues with this refreshing drink. It will take just five minutes to make one glass of Ace of Clubs Cocktail for you. However, increase the quantity of its ingredients according to the number of your guests.

Preparation Time: approximately 5 minutes

Serving Size: 01

Equipments Require: Cocktail Shaker, Cocktail glass,


(2 oz) Amber Rum

(0.5 oz) Creme de Cacao

(0.5 oz)   Simple Syrup

(0.5 oz)   Lime Juice

(4 drops)   Angostura Bitters

Crushed ice


  • 1

    Place one of your favourite martini cocktail glasses in refrigerator until chill properly.

  • 2

    Meanwhile, grab a cocktail shaker and fill half of it with crushed ice.

  • 3

    Pour 2 oz of Amber Rum, 0.5 oz of Creme de Cacao, 0.5 oz of Simple Syrup and 0.5 oz of fresh limejuice into the cocktail shaker.

  • 4

    Close the lid of the cocktail shaker thoroughly and shake it vigorously for few seconds until all the ingredients mix well.

  • 5

    Your Ace of Clubs Cocktail is almost ready, strain it into the pre-chilled martini cocktail glass and top it with 4 drops of angostura. Serve immediately.

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