How to Make Your Own Beer at Home

With all the commercial beer options available, you would think a few people would brew their own beer. Not really the case. Beer brewing at home is getting popular, evident from the rise in sales of brewing kits. More and more people are finding it cheaper and more satisfying to brew their own beer which they can alter according to their unique taste. When you brew your own beer, you do not have to go out of the house to buy one. You just open the refrigerator and help yourself to something which is your own creation. Brewing is very simple and easy and the basics are the same of all kinds of beers.

Prep time: 1 day
Fermentation time: 6 weeks
Total time: 1 day and 6 weeks
Yield: Dependent on individual intake
Utensils: 4 or 5 gallon stainless steel pot, 5 or 6 gallon glass carboy, fermentation lock, thermometer, sack to boil hops in/steep grain in, large spoon (wood, plastic, or metal), sanitizing product like iodine or cheap liquor (iodine is far preferable), Ice bath

Malt extract: 9.9 pounds
Malt grain: 1 pound
Sugar: 1 pound
Hops: 4 pound


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    Take a large pot and fill it with two gallons of water. Bring the water to boil. Place the malt grains in a grain bag. Lower the grain bag into the water and boil for around 60 minutes. Remember the most important condition is brewing. So all the utensils that you use should be properly sterilized.

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    After an hour, remove the grain bag and place it over a colander on a bowl so that the extract drains off into the bowl. After removing the grain bag, bring the temperature of the wort to a boiling and then remove from the heat. Add to it the 10 pound malt extract and 1 pound Belgian sugar.

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    Return the wort to heat and bring it to a boiling point. Do not let the liquid boil over because it can be a messy experience when it spills over. After ten minutes of boiling, add the hops to the solution. The hops introduce a bitter taste to the liquid.  Now add the filtrate of the grain bag that we had placed over the colander earlier.

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    Boil the wort for another forty minutes and then remove from heat. Add some more hop for stronger flavour. Place the wort pot in an ice bucket in the sink to reduce the temperature. The temperature should get down to less than 75 C before you add the yeast.  Transfer the wort to a carboy. Add in the yeast and shake vigorously. Put in the air lock and cover with a towel to keep away from the light. Let it ferment for a week before transferring to bottles. You can store the beer now.

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