Mango and Peach Cocktail Recipe

Traditionally, cocktails were drinks which had alcohol, sugar and bitters. However, that definition has changed and now any mixed drink with alcohol can be categorized as a cocktail. With both mangos and peaches being popular summer fruits, a fruit cocktail with the two can be a mouth-watering prospect. Not only are both these fruits delicious, they are also rich in vitamins A, E and C. A mango and peach cocktail can be perfect for an afternoon or evening get-together, and does not take a whole lot of time to prepare either.

Ingredients (to serve four people)

Four properly peeled Mangos

Four Peaches, peeled and sliced

1/2 cup Mint leaves

1/2 cup White sugar

500ml chilled Pink Champagne


  • 1

    Take medium sized Mangos and Peaches (four each) and peel them properly. Remove the pit from the Peaches before cutting them.

  • 2

    Once peeled, slice all the fruits and then further cut the slices into small, bite-sized pieces. This will make it easier to mix them together later

  • 3

    Now add the white sugar and the mint leaves to a food blender and process them on maximum power until the two are combined and form a powder. Put this powder in a small bowl and put it aside for now.

  • 4

    Take four cocktail glasses and make sure they are properly cleaned.

  • 5

    Now equally distribute the chopped mangoes and peaches between the four cocktail glasses.

  • 6

    Sprinkle the fruit chunks with the mint sugar you prepared earlier. Now pour the refrigerated Pink champagne into the glasses until all the fruit chunks are immersed in it and the glasses are reasonably full.

  • 7

    Serve the mango and peach cocktail as soon as possible, while it is still cold.

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