How to Make Pinot Noir Wine

Pinot Noir wine is considered, one of the finest forms of light- or medium-body red wine. Pinot are small sized grapes, with thin skin and it is due to the lower amount of pigment in the thin skin of these grapes that this wine has fairly lighter in colour. Other key ingredients in Pinot Noir wine are currant and blackberry. Pinot grapes are only cultivated in areas with warm climate, along with ample sunlight and quality drainage. That is why the Burgundy or Bourgonge is considered to be the ideal area for growing these grapes. You can make Pinot Noir wine at home and you will be amazed to know how good it will taste, despite being produced at home. You don’t need any special equipment to make this red wine; just gather the required ingredients and get set to perform this job.

Things Required:

– Pinot Grapes
– 1 grape crusher
– 1 ventilated vat
– 2 stainless-steel or oak barrels
– Wine yeast
– 1 racking siphon
– Egg whites
– Salt water


  • 1

    Pinot grapes will be available in your close vineyard during the months of February and April. Purchase healthy Pinot grapes and transfer them into the grape crusher to compress out their juice.

  • 2

    The crusher will not only squeeze out all the juice from the grapes but also separate skins and stem. You also need not to remove the grape skin from the juice, since it is because of this skin that the wine gives the red colour.

  • 3

    Now transfer the grape juice into a ventilated vat. You have to add wine yeast to the ventilated vat and these bacteria initiates the fermentation process to make alcohol. Yeast will break down the sugar present in the grape juice to produce alcohol and will die in the process of doing it.

  • 4

    When you observe that the wine has developed its typical red colour, transfer the contents from the ventilated vat to an oak or stainless steel barrel.

  • 5

    Place the barrel of wine at a cool and dry place so that further fermentation of sugars can take place. You will have to let the wine stand for three to four months.

  • 6

    The next step involves separating the dead particles of yeast from the wine, called racking. When you see a layer of sediment on top of the wine, you can rack it by using a siphon to transfer the red wine into another barrel.

  • 7

    Add egg whites to the barrel after the wine has fermented for the next 20 to 24 months. Egg whites will absorb excess tannin present in the red wine.

  • 8

    Wait for another 7 to 10 days and rack the Pinot Noir wine for the last time before bottling it for use.

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