How to Make a Silverlake Slip Cocktail

A cocktail with a recipe that is hard to find but is totally worth the effort will definitely be something really special. One such special drink is Silverlake slip cocktail. It is an interesting amalgamation of sweet and sour, so if you’re looking for something highly refreshing, it’s worth trying.

The Silverlake slip cocktail is a mixture of Amaretto liqueur and grapefruit and so has the potential to be on your menu for the next party. Amaretto is an Italian liqueur. Its generally available in almond flavored as it’s the most popular flavor, but if you’re not that much fond of almonds, you can try one made up of apricots too.

This cocktail is unbelievably delicious and a sure treat after dinner, but you can try it anytime other than a post dinner party too. Be it a quiet evening at home with yourself or a crazy night out at the bar with friends, silverlake slip is not going to disappoint you. Follow this step by step guide to prepare this very easy but amazingly tasty drink.

Time required: 5 minutes

Serving size: 01

Utensils needed: High cocktail glass, stirrer


– Half glass almond flavored Amaretto liqueur

– Half glass grapefruit juice (preferably pink)

– Ice cubes as required for chilling


  • 1

    Take out the high cocktail glass. Place it in the refrigerator for a while because chilled cocktails taste best. Take it out when the sides appear frosted.

  • 2

    Put five ice cubes in the glass.Pour Amaretto liqueur over the ice. Add the grapefruit juice. You can also vary the quantity of grapefruit and Amaretto according to your taste preference. If you want a sour drink, increase the quantity of the liqueur.

  • 3

    Stir the mixture so that you get the desired even taste. Your silverlake slip cocktail is ready. Just as the name suggests it makes your mind slip away in a heavenly bliss. It can also serve as a shooter. The vibrant original color of the drink does not make any garnishing necessary, however if you still want to make it more lovable, do desired garnishing before presenting it!

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