How to Make a Tonic and Tequila Cocktail

Tonic and Tequila Cocktail, also known as a TnT, Teqtonic, or Equalizer, is a delicious beverage consisting of tequila and tonic water. It is better to add some ice cubes and garnish it with a lime or lemon wedge while serving. A Tonic and Tequila Cocktail is best served in a highball glass in order to ensure you have enough room for the ingredients. However, you can serve it in any other cocktail glass as well.

Gin and Tonic, Campari Tonic Cocktail, Vodka Tonic Cocktail, Bourbon Tonic, Pink Gin Tonic, Tanqueray and Tonic, Lime Tonic, Tequila Pop, Tequila Twilight, Jager Tonic, Slow Gin and Tonic, and Chartreuse and Tonic etc are some of the famous variants of the Tonic and Tequila Cocktail. You just have to make very slight changes in the ingredients to come up with various versions of the Tonic and Tequila Cocktail.

Bring the party to your home this time with the simple of steps of Tonic and Tequila Cocktail recipe given below:

Preparation Time: 2 to 5 minutes

Serving Size: 01

Utensils: Highball Glass, Bar Spoon


– 1 part tequila
– 2 parts tonic water
– Ice Cubes – depending on the preferred temperature of the cocktail
– Lime wedge for Garnishing – optional


  • 1

    Grab a highball glass and place some ice cubes in it.

  • 2

    Pour 1 part of tequila into the highball glass.

  • 3

    Top the ice cubes and tequila with 2 parts of tonic water and give it very brief stir.

  • 4

    Garnish your Tonic and Tequila Cocktail with lime or lemon wedge and enjoy!

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