Kool Aid Shooter Recipe

If you are looking for a delicious shot that is a blend of fruit flavoured beverages that complement one another, you have come to the right post. The Kool Aid Shooter is a wonderful drink that combines colourful elements of melon and cranberry. This simple recipe contains everything you need as well as the process involved in creating a Kool Aid shooter.

Prep Time: 2 to 5 minutes
Yield: 01
Utensils: Shot cocktail glass, Stirrer, Cocktail shaker

Midori melon liqueur: 1/2 oz
Amaretto: 1/2 oz
Cranberry juice
lime or lemon wedge for garnishing
Ice cubes or crushed ice


  • 1

    Wash your hands and work surface thoroughly. You will also want to wash or clean the utensils, glasses and other items that will be used to prepare this delightful recipe. Always keep your work area in the kitchen clean and free of clutter so that you can always find what you are looking for quickly.

  • 2

    First, place the shot cocktail glass in refrigerator until it gets properly chilled. Make sure to put the glass somewhere so that it does not fall or move when you are constantly opening and closing the refrigerator door.

  • 3

    Meanwhile, take a cocktail; shaker and place some ice cubes or crushed ice in it. Try not to use too much ice as you do not want your drink to become very watery.

  • 4

    Pour ½ oz of Midori melon liqueur, ½ oz of Amaretto in it. If you want your Kool Aid shooter to be a little light then you can always just limit the amount of liquor that you will be using. Do not worry as this will not have a dramatic impact on the overall taste or flavour of this recipe.

  • 5

    Seal your cocktail shaker completely and shake it for 15 to 20 seconds or until all ingredients are smooth. You will want to make sure that the texture of the mixture is consistent so be sure to check it while you are shaking it.

  • 6

    Remove the shot glass from the refrigerator and place it on your kitchen table. Remove the lid of the cocktail shaker and gently pour your Kool Aid Shooter into the cocktail glass.

  • 7

    Top the drink with fresh cranberry juice and give it a very slight stir.

  • 8

    Pick up a lemon or lime wedge, cut it from the tip and place it on the side of the glass.

  • 9

    Place a straw in the drink and serve immediately. Remember  that it is up to you as to how you want to garnish and serve this drink to you family and friends.

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