How to Keep From Relapsing After Alcohol & Drug Rehab

Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation is to help addicts stop substance abuse and avoid the psychological, social, financial and physical consequences. The patients usually move through different stages during the rehabilitation and there are realistic chances of them relapsing during or after the rehab process. If you have just started recovering from alcohol and drugs and want to minimize your risk of relapse, first of all replace your old behaviours and habits with new ones. Make new friends and stay away from the old buddies and associations which encouraged the drug abuse.


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    Stick to the relapse prevention plan

    The most important step you can take to keep yourself from relapsing is sticking to the prevention plan formulated by your adviser/doctor during the rehab process. These plans are created by the consultants on the basis of the individual factors identified during the treatment and vary from person to person.

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    Stay away from the places you used to go when using alcohol and drugs

    The most important thing to keep yourself from relapsing after starting the recovery is not going to the places that you did previously, especially the hangouts you used to visit in the past. Also avoid going to the places where use of alcohols and drugs is tolerated or accepted.

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    Manage stress on daily basis

    Feeling stressed out increases a person’s chances of relapsing, so it is necessary to manage the stress on daily basis. Also use relaxation methods to avoid stress and anxiety. One of the most effective ways to relieve stress is deep breathing in a dark room.

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    Give yourself regular rewards

    Appreciate yourself for having successfully moved from active use of drugs and alcohol to active sobriety. Sobriety is no doubt an extremely difficult task and acknowledging the efforts is very important.

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    Seek support from friends, family

    Never expect the cravings or desire to use to go away completely after the rehabilitation. You will face difficult times, especially when stressed out or when an opportunity for use presents itself. Seek support from your friends (the new ones who do not tolerate alcohol and drugs) and family. You can also seek assistance from an addiction-recovery group such as AA or NA.

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    Stay motivated

    Motivation level of clients is usually very high immediately after the treatment; however, it starts to decline overtime. Periodic motivation enhancement is necessary to keep you focused.

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