How to Properly Store Wine

To keep your wine's taste good for an extended period, it should be stored properly. With little effort and by following some simple instructions, you can easily accomplish this task. 


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    Before Opening

    Store it in the dark

    - Store the wine in a dark place away from direct sunlight and fluorescent fixtures. UV rays give wine a bad smell. Get wines with darker bottles or wines which have UV filters built in the glass. In case you cannot completely keep the bottles away from light, always keep it wrapped in a cloth or inside a box.

    - Store corked wines on their side, otherwise corks will dry out and air will consequently seep into the wine, affecting its taste and composition.

    - You are required to keep the temperature constant, any changes should occur slowly. Keep in mind that wine storage temperature should not go over 75 degrees F or 24 degrees C for longer than brief spans of time.

    - Once the wine has been stored in a bottle, it should not be moved much.

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    After Opening

    - Store the opened wine bottles in a wine cellar or a closet. You can even store it in a refrigerator but it will maintain its taste for only three to five days. You need to minimize its exposure to air by corking the bottle firmly. In case less wine is left, you should shift it to a smaller bottle. Remember to keep the bottles away from excess light and heat. If you own several refrigerators then store wines in the one which you use the least. On the other hand if you own one refrigerator then try not to keep it open for long time. You should also buy a wine stopper and pump.

    - Put the cork in the bottle and place it in a dark place after consumption. Through this, you won’t need to get tensed for your wine going bad.

    - Some wines such as desert wines defy degradation for more than three to five days. You can keep these types of wines in open for longer periods.

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