Top 10 Side Effects of Drugs

Drugs have been thought to give you a high if you consume them. Majority of the people think they are flying, but in reality this is incompletely false. You can suffer from a number of dangerous things if you take drugs. Also know that drug abuse and using prescription drugs against a doctor’s wish is the same thing, and it can have serious side effects on your health. Be aware of the fact that prescription drugs cause a lot of risks and side effects. It is vital to know this information and seek help from a professional to avoid further harm to your health.


  • 1


    If you consume a lot of drugs such as LSD, rainbows, smack, ecstasy or when you combine a couple of drugs and take them, they can result in fatal effects on your heart, brain, kidneys, livers and cause death.

  • 2


    When you take excess amounts of drugs, then it can result in hallucinations. You feel a lot of abnormal things and the drug affects your brain.

  • 3

    Central nervous system disease

    If the drug is inside you, it circulates in your body even if you eat, drink or inject anything. It may get stored in bones, tissues and brain and can harm your focus or the ability to make movement.

  • 4

    Liver disease

    When you take drugs, they digest in your system and go into the liver which causes Liver cirrhosis, fibrosis and liver cancer.

  • 5

    Lung problems

    Drug addicts have a very bad lung condition as its shape and functioning is affected by the drug’s use.

  • 6

    Withdrawal symptoms

    If you stop taking drugs after excessive use, you feel a sense of unease and restlessness. You can get insomnia and would not be able to eat properly as well.

  • 7


    A lot of drug abusers feel like they have tremors when they are sitting or moving. If you stop consuming drugs you think you have tremors in your whole body.

  • 8

    Different moods

    Know that when you are under the influence of drugs, you will be rude or bad to people but in the other case you will get various mood swings.

  • 9


    Drug addicts feel things in slow motion but experience a headache after a short while as the response slows gradually and hearing powers are raised.

  • 10


    People who just started drugs will feel nausea and vomiting as they will want to throw up after its use for the first time.

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