How to Be a Beer Pong Champion

Beer pong is a rage in colleges. Due to its popularity, many colleges and fraternities hosts regular beer pong tournaments with various prizes such as cash and gadgets. So, if you are looking to get some excellent gear, make some cash on the side, or grab the bragging rights of being a beer pong champion, then it may be worth your while to start honing your skills.


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    Know how to play

    If you are not sure about the rules and the way the game is played, then you will need to understand and learn at least the basics. Typically, a beer pong game is played by two teams. Each team, composed of two players, will be given an equal number of cups.

    Normally, 7 cups per team are placed in a specific pattern and location. The 7th cup will be used for washing the pong balls and not for the game as it will be filled with water.

    Each of the 6 cups of each team will be filled with beer till half. Each player then tries to shoot the pong inside a specific cup. Should the player successfully shoot the ball, the player on the other team will be required to drink that specific cup. Each player on each team shoots a ball alternately until the first team to make all 6 cups wins. Now this is the basic way to play however, for tournaments, the rules and game play may vary slightly.

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    Execute the proper form

    In order to become a good beer pong player who may make it all the way to the championship, it is important that you have the proper form in shooting the ball into the specified cups. The acceptable and standard from in shooting the ball into the cup is similar to how professional darters throw their darts on the board. The arm should be up with your elbow is in the same line as your vision. Basically, you should be standing sideways with your arm forming a perfect letter ā€œLā€.

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    Use your wrist

    Once the form is properly executed, start the motion of throwing the ball into a particular cup. Technically, your arm should not move at all and your elbow should not rotate to make your arm straight. The proper way to shoot the ball into a cup is by using the wrist. It is important that you arm maintains its balance and its proper form. This correct form may take you a while to get used to but once you get the hang of it, your accuracy should increase.

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