How to Make a Kremlin Colonel Cocktail Step by Step

The Kremlin Colonel cocktail is a strong alcoholic beverage that really gives you a lift after having a sip of it. The cocktail is prepared with the help of vodka and some other simple ingredients including simple sugar syrup and you can also add any type of fresh juice which is totally optional.

The cocktail itself is a slight variation of mint julep highball which is also a very common sweet drink and it uses bourbon instead of vodka and it is Kentucky Derby’s official drink. The Kremlin Colonel cocktail tastes more like Vodka Stinger but it only uses mint to give some refreshing feeling and taste. If you want to have a delicate taste then consider preparing very fine homemade sugar syrup first.

It can be a perfect drink for a day party during summers or even for a post dinner gathering. You can follow the simple steps below to make The Kremlin Colonel cocktail at home.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Utensils Required: Strainer, electric shaker, high glass

Serving Size: 1


– Three parts of vodka
– Four to six springs of fresh mint
– One part of fresh lime juice
– One part of syrup prepared with super fine granulated sugar
– Ice as required
– One mint leaf for serving


  • 1

    Take an electric shaker and add all the ingredients in it along with granulated sugar and ice cubes. Now shake all of them briefly till they're all well mixed.

  • 2

    Now take a strainer and strain the mixture created in step one into a high glass.

  • 3

    Garnish your Kremlin Colonel cocktail with mint leaf. The refreshing and limy Kremlin Colonel cocktail is ready to serve.

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