How to Serve Champagne in a Restaurant

Champagne is a great drink that a lot of people order in restaurants on festive occasions. If you are working in a big restaurant, you should know the exact way of serving a champagne bottle. It is not an inexpensive beverage and the ones who order it are not common individuals.

So, you have to be really careful, as you may lose a valuable customer just because of one tiny mistake.

You cannot change the taste of the champagne, but one thing that you can do is to make it more delicious is by it serving in a unique as well as sober way. Tray, glasses, temperature of the champagne and the way of presenting it to the guest are all under your control.

So, try not to disappoint your customer.


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    First of all, you need to chill the champagne. For this, place the bottle in bucket full of ice. Ice is supposed to preserve the temperature only; you need to place the bucket inside the refrigerator at least for 45 minutes. More  chilled the champagne is, better the impression will be.

    If the ice bucket is not available, refrigerate the bottle for three to four hours. And if the refrigerator is not present, keep the bottle in the ice bucket at least for an hour.

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    Once the bottle is totally chilled, remove the foil present on the cap. It will allow you to remove the twisted-cap easily. To make the best impression, remove the foil in front of the customer. Make sure your fingers are over the cork, because it can pop out at once.

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    Remove the cork very slowly. You first of all need to ease it by turning the bottle in one direction. When removing the cork, keep the bottle at 45 degrees. Keeping it an angle will help your avoid an incident, as the liquid may pop out suddenly.

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    Wiping the neck of the bottle with a clean towel is also very important.

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    It is the time to serve it. Use only tulip-shaped glasses. The tall-fluted glass is another nice option. When pouring the champagne, do it gently while making sure that the drops don’t hit your customer after jumping out of the glass. Fill the glass only about an inch or according to the demand. If it is not required to put the bottle at the table, quickly place it back in the ice bucket until you serve it again.

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