How to Make a Wine Cork Trivet

Generally, trivets are made of metal. However, it is possible to make trivets with organic materials such as wine corks. Making a wine cork trivet is quite easy, but does require some time to complete.

Things Required:

– Picture frame
– 1/4-inch plywood
– Stain (optional)
– Paintbrush (optional)
– Wood glue
– Wine corks
– Knife
– Fine-grain sand paper
– Wine corks
– Serrated kitchen knife
– Hot glue gun
– Glue Sticks
– 1 1/2 yards of 7/8-inch-wide ribbon
– Scissors


  • 1

    Framed Wine Cork Trivet

    Take a picture frame and remove its backing and glass. Use wood glue to attach the picture frame onto a piece of 1/4-inch plywood. The size of plywood you use should be the same as the picture frame. Allow time for the glue to dry.

  • 2

    You may want to paint or stain the frame for a more personalised look. If that is the case, this is time to do it. Be sure to let the paint or stain coat dry before moving on.

  • 3

    Examine the wine corks you will be using to make the trivet. All the corks should be of equal length. Adjust the length of a wine cork by cutting and sanding it if required.

  • 4

    Apply glue to one of the two ends of a wine cork. Place the cork in a length-wise direction against the top of the frame. Attach a second cork directly below the first cork in a similar manner. Be sure to keep both corks in the same direction.

  • 5

    Lay third and fourth wine corks on the right side of the first two corks vertically, gluing them in place. Continue in the manner, alternating two vertical corks and tow horizontal corks until the entire frame is full and no empty spaces remain.

  • 6

    Free-Form Wine Cork Trivet

    Make sure that all the corks are of same length. Make adjustments, if required, by cutting and sanding the wine corks.

  • 7

    Cut each cork width-wise into two equal halves with a serrated kitchen knife. Use fine-grain sand paper to sand the cork pieces and make them of equal height.

  • 8

    Arrange the corks in such a way that a hexagon is formed. Five wine corks will make one side of the hexagon which means you will need 30 half-cut corks to make the hexagon. Use 9 half-cut corks to make the hexagon’s centre line.

    Rest of the half-cut corks will be used for making the surrounding lines of the trivet, starting with a line of eight half-cut corks and reducing one cork for each corresponding line.

  • 9

    Complete the trivet by gluing all the corks in place.

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