How to Sell Wine in Grocery Stores

As time passes, more and more grocery stores are adding wine as a product to their catalogues. This helps them boost the revenue that they generate and also enhances the variety of products being sold at the store. But one can not just go ahead and start selling wine in a grocery store. There are certain laws and legal obligations that must be addressed first, not to forget choosing which wine brands would be sold and where the wine bottles would get their place in the grocery store.


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    First thing that must be done is to contact government agencies responsible for the regulation of wine business. Understand the regulatory laws that must be obliged before starting selling wine in grocery stores. More importantly, along with state laws, county or city laws must also be looked into because in certain scenarios, a particular state allows the selling of wine in grocery stores, but also allows its counties or cities to prohibit it.

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    After getting a go-ahead signal from regulatory authorities, next step is to acquire any licenses or permits that may be necessary. In some cases, regulatory agencies may perform a background check which takes time so keep that in mind as well.

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    Then make a choice as to which wine brands you are going to sell in the grocery store. The best way to do this is to solicit customers for feed backs about the brand of wines that they prefer, keep a record of the feed backs you get, make a comparative analysis and then decide which brand of wine will sell most.

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    Contact local wine distributors. Ask them for a price list and a delivery schedule. Once you are done choosing a wine distributor, finalize the term and conditions such as price, payment and delivery schedules etc. Make sure that your wine distributor is reliable enough to keep the delivery schedule because you do not want to run out of wine, say on an important event like Christmas or Easter.

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    Pick a spot where wine will be displayed in the grocery store. This is important because it would be better if you display the wine bottles close to edible products that people like to consume in combination with wine such as meat, cheese etc.

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