How to Make a Tinto De Verano Cocktail

Tinto De Verano is the perfect drink for summers with its ability to rejuvenate you without failing. It is a Spanish cocktail and the name literally translates into ‘red wine of summer. In Spanish Tinto stands for ‘red’ when taken in context of wine. Its  is a favorite at parties and festivals  because it is easy to make and affordable. Tinto De Verano has a very simple recipe. Typically it is made by mixing table red wine with Gaseosa, which is a lemonade, with low sugar carbonate. However, some people replace the Gaseosa with 7-up mixed with water which gives the same taste and is easily available. The affordability of Tinto De Verano makes it popular at every party in bulk. In Spain, guests usually make up their own glass by simply mixing up the two ingredients in equal proportion. Here is the simple recipe of a wildly summary drink.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Serving Size: 01 person (Increase servings by mixing in more glasses)
Utensils: Cocktail Stirrer, Cocktail glass


– 1/2 glass Red Wine
– 1/2 glass Gaseosa (most famous brand of Gaseosa is Casera) or 7-up mixed with water
– Ice cubes as required for chilling
– Lemon wedge or lemon skin peel for garnishing


  • 1

    Put in the ice cubes in the cocktail glass.

  • 2

    Pour in red wine untill the glass is half full. Pour in Gaseosa (Casera) if its available. If it is not, mix some 7-up with a little water and pour it in the cocktail glass.

  • 3

    Mix thoroughly with your cocktail stirrer so that you get an even taste. Tinto De Verano is ready. For garnishing, use a lemon wedge and stick it to the glass sides. If you have time to make extra effort, let a lemon skin peel swim in the cocktail.

  • 4

    Play the perfect hostess by inviting guests to make their own glasses and raise them amid cheers for the summer weather.

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