How to Preserve an Open Bottle of Wine

Wine is an ever changing and living liquid that requires attention to details when making it but it can be easily spoiled. According to research, numerous wine bottles go bad even before reaching the consumer. It is important to determine the things that results in bad experiences. Perhaps wine oxidation is the most common way that causes the wine to go bad. There are many techniques specifically developed to tackle this problem. Therefore, it is recommended to use a method that works best for you to make sure the wine reaches the consumer in great quality.


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    Consider using a wine pump to asphyxiate your wine. When exposed to oxygen, wine can quickly get oxidised. The best way to overcome this problem is to remove most of the oxygen from the surroundings. With less oxygen in the environment, the wine is likely to age slowly and last longer. Wine pumps can be easily purchased from your local super markets or hardware stores. Usually, it consists of two parts. A pump sucks the air out of the bottle and a rubber plug prevents oxygen from mixing with the wine. To remove oxygen in your wine bottle, plug the stopper into the bottle and use the pump to such the air out. Manufacturers say that oxygen level can be reduced considerably with only 20-25 pumps.

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    Based on the same basic principle, consider applying nitrogen. The nitrogen system also uses a stopper and a compressed can of nitrogen. By spraying nitrogen in the bottle you are assisting the process of oxygen removal. Due to its properties, nitrogen will stay inside the bottle until you decide to drink the wine. Additionally, since nitrogen is an inert gas, it will not affect the taste of wine in any way. Once you have inserted nitrogen into the bottle, place the cap back on the bottle neck and enjoy you wine for an additional five days.

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    Always refrigerate your wine to avoid losing taste and having it get discoloured. According to experts, refrigerating your wine is the best of prolonging its life. No matter what type of wine it is, when kept refrigerated, the oxidation process slows down. If you want the consume wine a couple of days after opening the cap, consider keeping it refrigerated. Make sure you let the bottle get back to room temperature before serving it to your guests.

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