How to Make a Chimay Cocktail

The creation of this delightful sipping drink Chimayo is attributed to Arturo Jaramillo, who was the owner of a Mexican restaurant, Rancho de Chimayó, back in 1965.  The ingredients used in this drink helps in granting depth and character to its flavor.  The combo of tequila and apple cider though sounds quite odd; surprisingly you will admire the delicious flavor.

To a certain extent at corporate gatherings or formal parties people prefer having beverages with low percentage of alcohol, especially if they have to drive back home. Drinks like Chimayo Cocktail served in beautiful cocktail glasses will inspire your guest; even if they demand for a second round do not get alarmed. Besides apple cider, lemon juice and tequila Crème de cassis as the forth ingredient is also used. Made from the puree of blackcurrants, Crème de cassis possesses a very sweet taste. It is used in variety of cocktail and Kir a popular beverage is also one of them. Crème de cassis is also served solely usually after dinner.

Ideal for all seasons, this drink takes less amount of time in preparation and requires no professional bar tender skills.

Preparation Time: 2 minutes
Serving Size: 2 servings
Utensils required: highball glass or any other cocktail glass, cocktail shaker or an electric blender, knife


– ½ oz lemon juice
– 2 ½ oz premium tequila
– 3 oz apple cider
– ½ oz Creme de Cassis
– Crushed Ice
– Thin slices of apple wedges (for garnishing)


  • 1

    Before you start with the actual procedure, grab an apple and wash it properly.

  • 2

    Cut it into two halves and start cutting the wedges vertically. Make sure the slices are thin enough to stand firmly on a glass.

  • 3

    With the help of a knife give a slight half cut in the middle of the wedge or at the end.

  • 4

    In a cocktail shaker add all the liquids including crushed ice.

  • 5

    Shake it until the flavors combine (in case of an electric blender follow the same procedure, but do not over blend the beverage).

  • 6

    After garnishing the glasses with apple wedges, pour Chimayo Cocktail.

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