How to Make a Irish Flag Cocktail

When it comes to celebrating the St. Patrick’s Day, no one else can celebrate it more excitedly then the Irish people as this day is associated with the Irish people specially. Irish Flag cocktail is a true treat to have on St. Patrick’s Day and it also represents the Irish Flag as the ingredients used in this recipe are poured on one another to have three layers in order to represent the Irish flag. The Ingredients used are not considered to be the best or most complimentary but neither are they the worst available. They still make a good and refreshing drink as the flavour of the drink is unique and delicious. This cocktail is easy to make but the only thing is making layers of the ingredients so that they stand on each other to make perfect layers. The drink itself is very alcoholic, so you should drink it with care. Hence if you are planning for a St. Patrick’s Day party or you are going to invite some of your Irish friends to a party then there is nothing better than this drink to impress them. Following instructions will teach how to make Irish Flag cocktail with few simple ingredients.

Things You Will Need: A glass about 4 inches high and slimmer.

Serving Size: One serving

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Ingredients Required for Irish Flag Cocktail

–          One part of Green crème de menthe

–          One part of Grand Marnier

–          One part of Irish cream liqueur


  • 1

    Take a slim glass which is about 4 inches tall and pour one part of crème de menthe in it.

  • 2

    Now slightly tilt the glass and add one part of Irish crème liqueur very carefully by making sure that both of the ingredients do not mix-up.

  • 3

    Take one part of Grand Marnier and pour it into the glass by slightly tilting the glass first.

  • 4

    Your Irish Flag cocktail is ready to please your friends and is ready to serve.

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