How to Make a Calimocho Cocktail

Though this cocktail was initialized in Spain, but in a very less time it has become famous among several other regions. Due to its quality and cheap rates it is mostly popular among youngsters. Saturday night club parties or a casual gathering of friends at home, usually prefer having Calimocho Cocktail.

The combination of two ingredients, wine and cola produces an amazing beverage, which not only tastes good but it can easily be prepared at home. You do not have to look for a high quality wine; any wine can do the job. But you will have to be very careful while increasing your rounds, due to the presence of alcohol in it. For parties prefer keeping the percentage of cola high and keep the wine’s percentage low.   Wine has the tendency to give beverage a bitter taste, but increasing the portion of cola will equalize the taste. In Spain this drink is prepared with coca cola, but you can use any soda cola depending upon your taste.

It tastes really good which is why it will become hard for you to stop yourself from having another round, but do keep one thing in mind, never drive a car after having Calimocho Cocktail.

Preparation Time: 2 minutes
Serving Size: 5
Utensils Required: 1 liter jug Jug, high ball glass, stirring spoon


– ½ liter of Red Wine
– ½ liter of Coca-Cola
– Crushed ice (according to your requirement)


  • 1

    Take a jug and add red wine along with soda cola.

  • 2

    Mix it with a stirring spoon in order to combine both ingredients.

  • 3

    Now it depends upon you either you pour the drink in glasses and serve it or directly place the jug on the table.

  • 4

    Before pouring Calimocho Cocktail in high ball glasses add good amount of crushed ice. Garnishing is not required for this drink.

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